• Cycles for our children

    A few weeks ago, Tata International felicitated five students who were working very hard in school, doing well in class and excelling in co-curricular activities. As a special treat, they were awarded attractive new bicycles. The children are so proud and ride happily to school now!

  • Alumni Sports Event

    The Aseema Alumni organized their first Sports Event this year. Cricket, kho-kho and lagori took them back to their school days. The theme they chose was "Not Me But We" and was selected to promote team spirit. It was so much fun having all of you back in school... We are proud of you!

  • Our new Remedial Learning Programme

    Aseema introduced a new Remedial Learning Programme this year. Though it has only been a few months, the results have been very encouraging. Here are some of the things our students and teachers have to say...

    “When Yash joined the programme he was reading at Grade 1 level. Within a month, he is reading at Grade 3 level.”– Teacher

    “I feel excited to go to Special English class. Earlier, my brother made fun of me. Now I know new words and can answer his questions.” – Chitra, Std. 6

    “Teacher, I want to read big and difficult words” – Siddhi, Std. 3